White House Plumbers Episode 5 Spoilers, Release Date, Watch Online, Cast, Reviews And Everything Else You Need To Know

white house plumbers release

White House Plumbers Episode 5 will air on HBO on May 29, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET. This political comedy revolves around the White House Special Investigations Unit, which illustrates the Watergate scandal through the perspective of a handful of President Richard Nixon’s top party workers.

The unforeseen conclusion of the team’s attempts to remove Nixon from office changes the trajectory of American history. The show contains satire and comedy. The series has been helmed by Peter Huyck and Alex Gregory.how many episodes of white house plumbers are there

White House Plumbers, Episode 5 Release Date

White House Plumbers Episode 5, titled True Believers,” will be out on May 29, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET only on HBO MAX.

White House Plumbers Episode 5 Cast

  • Woody Harrelson as E. Howard Hunt
  • Justin Theroux as G. Gordon Liddy
  • Lena Headey as Dorothy Hunt
  • Judy Greer as Fran Liddy
  • Domhnall Gleeson as John Dean
  • Ike Barinholtz as Jeb Magruder

White House Plumbers Episode 5 Spoilers

HBO has not yet released an official trailer for White House Plumbers Episode 5. Fans should anticipate Liddy’s expressing his misgivings about Hunt and John’s connection.

The situation changes dramatically when Hunt’s daughter finds a notebook revealing disturbing facts about her father. Then, during his Senate hearing, she urges him to be honest. White House Plumbers Episode 5 will be full of twists

White House Plumbers Ratings and Reviews

White House Plumbers Have been liked by the critics, but the reviews by the audience are not too favorable. On Google, this series has a rating of just 2.968. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has a rating of 74% based on 34 votes, and finally, on IMDB, White House Plumbers has managed a rating of 6.8 based on 2661 votes.

White House Plumbers Episode 5 Watch Online

White House Plumbers Episode 5 Watch Online

White House Plumbers Episode 5 will be released on HBO Max at 9:00 p.m. ET/1:00 a.m. PT. If you want to watch this episode for free online, then you can avail yourself of the free trial option. HBO Max offers a 7-day free trial.

Also, if you have access to Hulu Live TV, you can go to the HBO Max channel at 9:00 p.m. ET and enjoy White House Plumbers episode 5. Currently, the show is not available on any other streaming platform. So if you are expecting to watch it on Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime, etc., then you might be disappointed that White House Plumbers Episode 5 is available to watch only on HBO Max.

White House Plumbers Episode 4 Recap

Howard and Gordon reacted differently to the capture of their Cuban criminals. The former panics and solicits St. John’s help in eradicating all traces. Wipe everything clean and dispose of it in water.

The latter is more accommodating and casual. Howard informs his entire family of his employment with the CIA. The detained males wish to consult with their counsel before speaking. A station colleague recognized James McCord at the scene. That causes the subsequent pandemonium.

Gordon pays a visit to Richard Keleinidinst, Mitchell’s interim attorney general. Richard, unaware of the Committee to Re-Elect Nixon’s strategy, anticipated a catastrophe. For the next 48 hours, nobody should know. They indeed do. The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward contacts Howard. He takes refuge in his subterranean shelter.

the white house plumbers trailer

As Magruder panics, Gordon advises him to speak with an attorney. He destroys all evidence, including the cash, as part of his FBI instructions. Howard avoids two FBI investigators by hiding. Dorothy reads about the incident in the newspaper, but she is unable to contact Howard because he has instructed the children not to call. Gordon informs Howard of the money destruction in his bunker.

Gordon’s unstable financial situation is criticized by Howard. Howard eagerly inquires of Gordon whether the White House is “taking care of them.” Gordon is confident in Nixon’s loyalty. Dorothy and Kevan emerge from their home with reporters in tow. Howard is concealing this from the media and federal agents inside.

John Dean informs Gordon that FBI Director Grey will monitor their investigation. Maintain tranquilly and a low profile.Mark Felt, who attended the first WHP meeting held at the White House, is in charge of the investigation. The former FBI expert believes that the fact that the White House authorized Ellsberg’s office break-in makes the crime worse. We will see more of them in White House Plumbers Episode 5.

Gordon and Howard make sacrifices in response to the incident, but Dean must reassure them that “they will be taken care of.” Dean finds Gordon’s hallucinations perplexing.In their bedroom, Howard deranges Dorothy. He professes to be employing a technique inspired by Somoza. Realist Dorothy believes they need an attorney to control the damage.

The following day, Howard encounters William Bittman. Dorothy accompanies him. Gordon is discussing clemency with Larue, Nixon’s White House attorney. Bittman remains unconvinced. Dorothy instructs Bittman to remind the “two-faced, spineless politicians” in the White House that “loyalty is a two-way street.” She will be there in White House Plumbers Episode 5 as well.

On the other hand, Gordon and Fran are entertaining. She believes Gordon’s assurances that he will escape this situation unscathed. Larue’s office in Watergate symbolizes the return of the prodigal son. Mr. Rivers, a mysterious individual, requests that Bittman speak with Dorothy, “the writer’s wife,” instead of Howard. Dorothy is an expert on rivers. He promises to negotiate with Howard and the Cubans, but deserts Gordon.

Howard promises to pay Gordon for their share. He is incapable of leaving his companion. Dorothy splits the earnings with McCord and Gordon. After distribution, Bittman receives the majority, while Howard and Dorothy receive little. McCord is unsurprised when the money runs out. He informs Dorothy that these illustrious politicians are malicious. Even if it places males like McCord in peril, they only care about maintaining their appearance.

Howard informs Gordon that a book contract could earn them $500,000 each. Even if Nixon prevails, it is possible that clemency will not be granted. Dorothy critiques Gordon’s “honor among thieves” attitude following his rejection. Gordon asserts that the stewardess with whom Howard charmed on the flight back from Miami after the Ellsberg assignment has written to the FBI and provided the agency with Howard’s book and handwritten note.

Since they gave Gordon and Fran their own money, Dorothy discloses that they are destitute. Judge Sirica (F. Murray Abraham) will officiate over court proceedings. “Get me more money,” Howard instructs Bittman to relay to the White House. Dorothy acknowledges to St. John that she is responsible for the catastrophe. When she returned, she immediately cast Howard aside.

Dorothy is disappointed that Nixon does not care about the individuals with whom he has conflicts. Dorothy and Howard ended their relationship in 1972. Dorothy’s assertion that Howard used St. John to destroy evidence is the most damaging. She has grown weary of waiting for Howard to “come around.”

Howard departs despondent. Dorothy is in good health and is conversing with CBS News correspondent Michelle Clark on the aircraft, unbeknownst to her spouse. Even after leaving Howard, she continues to defend his reputation. As Clark confronts Dorothy about Howard’s involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, their aircraft crashes. Howard disregards the distressing phone call and proceeds to cook crepes.

White House Plumbers Trailer

No promo or trailer for White House Plumbers Episode 5 is available. Check out the promo for the series below.

How many episodes are left in White House Plumbers?

No more episodes are left in White House Plumbers since episode 5 would be the finale of the series and conclude it. HBO had released an episode schedule for only five episodes since it desired to keep this as a miniseries.

the white house plumbers release date

Will there be White House Plumbers Season 2?

The White House Plumbers will not return for a second season. It has been confirmed that the series was meant to conclude within 5 episodes, and there is no chance for the renewal of White House Plumbers Season 2. The series ends with White House Plumbers Episode 5.

However, we do wish that HBO would commission spinoffs like this that also focus on important tales from the halls of government. When you think about how many other works there are out there documenting Watergate, we almost wish that some were less well-known. It was the ensemble and HBO’s prestige that made this program appealing, not the controversy.

For now, let’s just cross our fingers that the program manages to stay on its feet and that we get to witness many memorable events until it finally comes to a close.

White House Plumbers Episode 5 releases on May 29,2023 only on HBO MAX

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