NYD Officer Jose Joseph Accused Of This Major Crime

Officer Jose Joseph arrested

NYD Officer Jose Joseph has been accused of a major crime and might spend a good amount of time in prison.

The New York Police Department is known for its honest and dedicated police team. But an officer has ended up bringing a bad name to the entire department. NYD Officer Jose Joseph has been accused of beating his partner.

Jose Joseph had been working in the NYD for 10 years. His colleagues describe him as a hard-working cop. But the latest scandal has revealed the monstrous truth behind this cop.

Officer Jose Joseph
Annette said in court that he hit her in the face and then “choked me with both hands”

Officer Jose Joseph has been accused of domestic violence.

Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell fired an officer who was accused of beating up his woman and bragging that he could do anything and nothing would happen to him, according to NYPD records.

Officer Jose Joseph’s partner said that he beat her before telling her, “I’m a police officer.” “There won’t be any big surprises.” In fact, Joseph was taken to jail and charged with strangling on December 1, 2019. A ruling on the case that was just posted online says that Sewell fired Joseph on July 20, even though he was found not guilty at his criminal hearing.

Three months earlier, at his administrative trial at One Police Plaza, the lover, who went by the name Annette, said that the 15-year police veteran fell asleep behind the wheel as they were getting ready to leave a Bronx club at 7 a.m. She said that she had called an Uber, but that he woke up, got angry at her, and attacked her physically.

Annette said in court that he hit her in the face and then “choked me with both hands” as he took the phone from her hands. She said that Joseph, who ran a Transit command in Harlem at the time, held her head down until she passed out. Annette said that when she woke up, Joseph was holding her close to him.

Officer Jose Joseph arrested
Joseph said in court that they weren’t close because she was just one of his many lovers at the time.

“Are you dead, motherf—-r?” it asked. He asked her before he drove her home and helped her calm down. Annette says that’s when he began talking about how safe he was as a police officer.

Jose Joseph’s Lover Had Major Injuries

Jose Joseph’s partner had cuts on her chin and mouth, scratches on her face, and marks on her neck when she got home, so she called 911. After that, she was cared for at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Joseph said in court that they weren’t close because she was just one of his many lovers at the time. He said Annette was mad at him because she said he spent too much time with his friends and other women at the bar and not enough time with her.

He told her why he was mad about the Uber call by saying that she had used his credit card without asking before, so this wasn’t the first time something like this had happened.

He said she “got in my personal space,” which made him push her back into her seat with a sweeping arm move, but he denied choking her.

The judge ruled in Annette’s favour

An administrative judge named Paul Gamble said he believed Annette and called Jose Joseph’s lies “brazen.”

He said that Jose  Joseph’s answer was all about him and that he used “long-discredited tropes” like acting surprised when she asked him about his real feelings, even though he thought he had made it clear that they were not the same.

Gamble said that when it comes to following the law against others, “any member of service who commits a violent assault on an intimate partner loses the moral standing required to do so.”

Jose Joseph and his lawyer both refused to say anything when asked. According to the records, Joseph was put on firing probation for a year and lost 45 vacation days in 2015 because he didn’t identify himself at the scene of a fight and gave “misleading statements” to detectives.

Our View

The basic function of law enforcement is to maintain public safety, citizen security, and social order. Law enforcement officials have the responsibility to safeguard the communities they serve.

The public’s faith and confidence in law enforcement is damaged when police personnel like Officer Jose Joseph commit crimes or participate in wrongdoing, and the image of the whole police department is tarnished as a result. As a result, it becomes more difficult for law officers to do their jobs and maintain a positive connection with the community they serve.

Officers must be held responsible for any wrongdoing they may commit while on duty. Police agencies should have strong internal affairs units and disciplinary processes in place to handle and investigate claims of wrongdoing. For the sake of public confidence and police force legitimacy, it is essential that officers who commit crimes be dealt with promptly, fairly, and openly.

But at the same time, the acts of a few bad apples like Officer Jose Joseph should not overshadow the efforts of the vast majority of police officers who are committed to upholding their oath to serve and protect. Working together to solve

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