Why My Dog Crying At Night? All Possible Reasons Explored

why does my dog whine at night

If you are a parent to a cute dog then you would have frequently encountered your puppy or dog crying for no reason. A dog whining might be due to several reasons. Firstly a dog whines to gain your attention. If you have been ignoring your dog then he can whine or cry for no reason.

But a dog crying at night can make you extremely worried. Why is my pet dog crying? Shall I ignore my dog whining? Such types of questions commonly arise in the minds of pet parents.

dog crying at night

This article will look into the reasons why dogs cry at night and whether you should ignore your pup crying at night or not.

A hungry dog will whine at night

The most prominent reason for dog crying at night is hunger. When a dog is hungry then he will be in an uncomfortable situation. The dog won’t be able to sleep peacefully if he is hungry. So get out and feed him something. Don’t give heavy snacks at night since it might make it difficult for the dog to sleep. Give something healthy and nutritious food to combat the dog’s hunger at night. Once hunger is settled then the dog won’t whine at night.

It is natural for puppies to whine at night

If you just got a cute puppy at home then you would be feeling joyous but anxious at the same moment. Puppy’s first night can be tough. He needs time to adjust to the new home and surroundings. A puppy can whine for no reason. Sometimes they are whimpering to gain your attention.


Nothing to fret about. Just give him some love and affection. Also, puppies can cry at night due to teething. After some days the puppy will stop whimpering and crying at night. If he doesn’t then you might have to opt for training. We’ll talk about this later in this article.

my dog keeps whining at night
Once the dog is completely drained he will probably relieve himself.

Toilet Emergency

Dog crying at night can be due to a toilet emergency as well. This is a common problem for many pet parents as the dogs can feel the urge to go to the toilet late at night. To solve this problem you must let your dog be fully active and energetic before night time.

Once the dog is completely drained he will probably relieve himself. Also if the dog is tired then he will sleep peacefully without any disruption.

Sleeping excessively during the day

Improper sleep habits also contribute to a dog crying at night. If your dog is sleeping excessively in the daytime then he would fail to sleep at night. The dog will stay active during the night and thus feel the urge to whine all night.

So you need to inculcate proper sleeping habits in your dog. Don’t let him sleep before his bedtime. Make him work out by engaging him in activities so that you reduce the chances of your dog whining at night.


If your dog is feeling bored then he can start whining. Dogs should not remain the whole day. Being less active will create trouble for them in the night. When they fail to sleep the dog will get bored as he is all alone.

why is my dog crying at night
A dog crying at night can be troublesome.

Health issues

A less common reason for dog crying at night could be due to some health problem. The dog can be in pain and hence vent it out through crying. Dogs tend to suffer from digestive issues frequently. If the food they ate at night didn’t suit their stomach they might cry late at night.

In the case of puppies, they tend to suffer from separation anxiety when they land in a new place. So the mental and emotional pain can make them cry at night. Sometimes it could be due to some physical ailment causing pain to the puppy. Take your dog for a thorough health check-up to rule out any health concerns that might be causing him to whimper or cry at night.

Your Dog is Currently in the Training Phase

Another reason why your dog may be whimpering in the evenings and at night is that he is currently undergoing training. If you have transitioned your dog into a new space or environment (for example, into or out of confinement), he or she may be feeling disoriented or uneasy.Every time your dog goes through a training procedure, they are “out of their element.” This is completely normal, and in fact, it is one of the signs that your dog is beginning to distinguish between different behaviours and boundaries.

If your dog has recently been trained not to jump on the bed or sofa, for instance, this is another reason they may whimper in the evenings when they are accustomed to being in a different location (or closer to you). If your dog is in the process of being trained not to climb on people or furniture, investigate leftover plates or bags, or burrow in the cushions, this could also contribute to nighttime whimpering, assuming these are behaviours your dog previously engaged in.

Your Dog Has A Troubled Stomach.

Your dog’s intestines may occasionally become agitated, causing them to experience flatulence or congestion. If you have recently altered your dog’s diet or observed them eating something peculiar and they are whimpering at night during the same time frame, they may be experiencing digestive discomfort.

It is recommended that your dog be transported to a veterinarian as soon as possible if they are visibly in distress due to digestive distress.

Your Dog’s Schedule Does Not Match Yours.

It is possible that your dog’s schedule no longer coincides with yours if you have recently changed jobs, relocated, or undergone other major life and schedule changes.You no longer visit the park or go for walks as frequently as you once did. Have you neglected to visit your dog’s best friend on occasion? Have you been absent from home lately, or have you been home more than usual? If you or your dog’s daily regimen has recently changed, your companion may be anxious or disoriented as a result.

How long will a puppy cry at night?

There is no exact duration for which your puppy will keep crying. Some might whine and howl for an hour only. While others can continue crying the whole night. If it’s your puppy’s first night then expect him to cry for hours easily. After 3-4 days he might stop crying completely.

Shall I ignore my puppy crying at night?

Sometimes puppies are crying to gain your attention. In such cases responding to your puppy crying won’t yield any benefit. Infact it would encourage the puppy to cry even more. It is perfect to ignore your puppy crying at night if it is happening on a repeated basis. If your dog is perfectly healthy and the vet could not identify any reason for your dog crying at night then it is best to ignore him.

Which breeds cry the most?

  • Weimaraner
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Miniature Pinscher
  • Boxer
  • German Shepherd
  • Australian Shepherd


A dog crying at night can be troublesome. It can make you feel disturbed as you observe how your beloved baby is unable to sleep peacefully at night. Dog howling at night can also create trouble for the neighbours. Go through all the above-mentioned reasons and identify the one that’s making your dog cry at night.

Booking a vet appointment to rule out any physical problems contributing to dog whining at night could be a good idea. Once you know the reason why your dog is crying at night you can take appropriate action. This could involve behavioural training, engaging in regular exercise, a proper sleep schedule, etc. We hope the information provided above could help you know the reason why your dog is crying at night.

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