Are the Question Types in the PTE Exam Tough?

The PTE exam is in the popular talk for its easy structure. Well yes, there is no denying the fact that the PTE exam is quite easy when it comes to the English proficiency assessment test structure. Hence, those who find it hard to perform well on the IELTS exam are often advised to opt for the PTE exam. They believe that changing the structure of the exam can help them show their skills better. But the question is if the question types of the PTE exam are easy or not. Because if the questions are easy or not as complicated as the ones in the IELTS exam then, it will become quite easy for the candidates to perform well on the tests. 

Through this article, we will help you know if the questions in the PTE exam are generally easy or not. To be honest, some questions in the PTE exam are as simple as making a porridge. While some questions in the exam are quite tough, especially the ones in the PTE reading section. Thus, the question types in the PTE exam are a combination of easy and tough questions.  You will find some questions quite easy and even a child in Fifth standard can perform well in these questions. However, there are some questions that make it the best alternative to the IELTS exam. 

Through this article, we will provide you with a summary of the question types that you will see in the PTE exam. Get ready to explore the question types in the PTE exam with the help of the pointers in the article. 

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Explore the question types in the PTE exam with the help of the pointers:

Before we go ahead, let us tell you the nature of the exam. The exam is of the integrated type. This means a single question can access more the one skill at a time. 

Such as you will see a question that will ask you to summarize the written text. In this question, the examiner will get to know your writing and reading skills efficiently.

Part 1: Speaking & Writing

Well, the foremost question that you will see would be about the personal introduction.  Remember that this format question will not contribute to the marks. However, the next questions will include 7 more questions to significantly tests your speaking and writing skills. The read-aloud and repeat sentence sections are easy. But candidates may face difficulty with the rest of the questions in the section. Especially when it comes to essays and describing the image. However, the questions such as re-tell lectures, answering short questions, and summarizing written text are of moderate difficulty. 

Part 2: Reading

This section would have five questions that will take a deep insight into the candidates’ reading and writing skills. To be honest, each question in the reading section is difficult or moderately difficult. But not for the one who has prepared well. Questions such as fill in the blanks, the former one will check your reading and writing skills as well. Well, all the rest questions such as multiple choice, multiple answers, re-order paragraphs, fill in the blanks, and multiple choice, the single answer will test your ability to read the English language quickly. 

Part 3: Listening

Well, three questions: Summarize Spoken Text, Fill in the Blanks, and Write from Dictation will also test your writing skills besides listening. The former two questions are tough but the last one is quite easy as you just need to hear the dictation and write it as it is. Multiple Choice, Single Answer, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers, Select Missing Word, all these questions will access your listening skills. Highlighting correct summaries and 

highlighting incorrect words will also focus on your reading skills. Each question in this section is of moderate difficulty. Well, to polish your English language skills, you can go ahead with the best platform that offers the best  English Speaking Course in Patiala


To understand all these questions profoundly, take a look at the official web portal of the PTE exam. They will give all the necessary instructions to answer better. Also, the YouTube videos on each question will also enhance your understanding of the questions. 

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