Alex Lasarenko Cause Of Death Discussed In Detail

Alex Lasarenko Obituary

Alex Lasarenko cause of death has been a topic of discussion and curiosity for the past three years since his untimely demise. This legendary musician passed away around three years ago. But his legacy and talent will continue to be honoured forever. This man was an extraordinary musician who curated popular pieces like The Angry Inch (2001), The Loneliest Whale (2021), and many more.

His death was quite shocking and sent Twitter buzzing. The tweet claiming Alex Lasarenko had died left everyone baffled. As a result, no one in his family spoke publicly about the circumstances of his death. There is no hard evidence to support what really happened to him, but this article will give the most plausible explanation for what happened to him.

How Did Alex Lasarenko Die?
The tweet claiming Alex Lasarenko had died left everyone baffled

Who Was Alex Lasarenko Exactly?

Alex Lasarenko entered the world on July 13, 1963, in Columbus, Ohio. He was a well-known musician and for good reason. His other name was Alexander. Stardom followed his appearances in Hedwig and Dinner Rush (2000). After a long illness, he passed away on November 8, 2020, in Bloomfield, New Jersey. According to the 2022 documentary “The Disney Channel’s Theme: A Historical Mystery,” Lasarenko composed the four-note phrase heard at the conclusion of every Disney Channel interlude and bumper from 2002 to the present day.

Alex Lasarenko Cause Of Death
Lasarenko composed the four-note phrase heard at the conclusion of every Disney Channel interlude

How Did Alex Lasarenko Die?

His death at 57 generated a lot of curiosity. How did Alex Lasarenko die? Did he get a heart attack? Or was it another COVID vaccine-related death? Unfortunately, the name of the illness that led to the death of Alex Lasarenko wasn’t revealed. Fans tried to know about the real cause of the death of Alex Lasarenko, but the available information couldn’t fetch any details.

Alex Lasarenko Cause Of Death

American composer Alex Lasarenko was quite famous among a specific audience. No wonder his death at age 57 was mourned by many. On platforms like Reddit and Twitter, Alex Lasarenko cause of death was blamed on cancer. A user posted that Alex was getting treated for cancer at a regional centre. Well, all these are mere claims, and we can’t really ascertain how Alex Lazarenko died. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what caused his death. Instead of pondering conspiracy theories, one should honour the legacy of the dead man and pray that his soul rests in peace.

Alex composed music for The Loneliest Whale

Alex Lasarenko Cause Of Death-Alcohol Addiction?

Alex was known to be addicted to alcohol. So his death did lead to speculation that he died due to alcohol-related complications. The details of the same were shared with the public by Kimberly Goss, Alex’s partner.

He was lawfully married to Kimberly Goss at the time of his death. She claims that the connective tissue in his liver and pancreas disintegrated due to his excessive alcohol use. Alex tried a variety of medications for his pain and insomnia. Multiple additional health issues contributed to his premature demise. So Alex Lasarenko cause of death can be put to alcohol addiction since this information was shared by his partner.

The Final Words

Alex’s loved ones and musical peers unanimously attest to his skill and professionalism as a vocalist. He is considered the “Gold Standard” among musicians and composers because of his dedication to growth and experimentation.

Alex Lasarenko Obituary

The following obituary was posted by one of Alex’s close friends on Linkedin. 

My wife has a lovely saying, “In every relationship, there is a flower and a gardener.” It’s true. Looking back, one could say that Alex was the flower in the relationship with his staff due to his need for control and perfection. But I believe the opposite is true. He pulled the weeds from our musical gardens, trimmed the dead parts of our sonic vocabulary, and forced us to bloom into the composers we are today. We were the flowers.Dear Alex, we are forever in your debt.

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